Torres China

The proposal was one of the three proposal that was approved to the second competition and was finally approved in december"

The 450m high roof will have open ampitheatre and space shot rise which will reach 500m:

All facilities include:

1. A gravity machine at 500m
2. The world’s tallest observation deck at 450m
3. 2000sqm double-floor and auto-circumvolving restaurants at 424m
4. Guangzhou TV signal boardcast station at 403m
5. A big garden with multi-levels stairs at 174m
6. A high tech stuff exhibitation room at 91m
7. A 4D cinema at 55m
8. A multi-function exhibitation room at 17m
9. A big exhibitation hall for 1000+ people at 7m
10. An exhibitation room that describes 2800 years of Guangzhou history and culture, at 0m[/QUOTE]

29 de Octubre de 2006:

Junio de 2007:

Octubre de 2007:

4 de Noviembre de 2007: