Gijon, Spain, 2005

Weaving together the disjointed parts of the city the masterplan creates cross connections and cross views between different neighbourhoods and between the station and the beach, while establishing a primarily pedestrian platform for new mixed-use developments, including housing, retail, office and leisure functions. The roof of the station is designed as a raised continuation of the park, a public space that is accessible from both sides of the rails. The pedestrian areas increase towards the entrance hall as local meeting points on the top of the station provide panoramic views across the plaza towards the city and the beach. The roof of the hall becomes a part of the landscape, providing local connections across the global connection axis and repairing the fracture to the city fabric created by the existing railway lines.

Client: Municipality of Gijon
Location: Gijon, Spain
Building area: Housing 143,850 m2, retail 17,525 m2, hotel rooms 8,500 m2, transfer hall 47,800 m2, Parking spaces 1,513.
Programme: Masterplan
Status/phase: Competition entry
Unstudio:Ben van Berkel, Caroline Bos, Tobias Wallisser with Elke Scheier, JooRyung Kim, Rasmus Hjortshøj, Steffen Riegas, Jan Schellhoff, María Eugenia Díaz

Infrastructural Consultant: Ove Arup
Structural Engineers: Ove Arup
Feasability Consultant: Pablo Vaggione
Landscape Architect: Teresa Galí Izard

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